SERMA TECHNOLOGIES is a technology consulting and engineering company specialised in analysis, control, expertise and consulting service of electronic components, boards and systems. We assist our customers at each level of the industrial cycle by providing support on various issues such as development, reliability, security of their products.


Some figures

• Creation: 1991
• 3 locations: Bordeaux, Paris, Grenoble (Minatec)
• Turnover: 20,35 M€
• Number of employees : 150 (including 90% of engineers and technicians)
• Laboratory: 5000 m²
• 7000 analyses/year
• Equipment valuation: 20 M€

Expertise Centre

SERMA TECHNOLOGIES performs more than 6000 physical and electrical evaluations per year on electronic components, boards and systems in a wide range of sectors (aeronautics, space, automotive, transport, railway, telecoms, military, assembly, contract manufacturers…) at all levels of the industrial cycle: technology analyses and qualifications, failure analyses, smart cards tests, electrical tests & characterisations, reliability & characterisation test on semiconductor processes, qualification programs, IC modification with FIB.


The ETM® (Electronic Technologies Management) program optimises the use of electronics technologies thanks to six fields of skills: technology watch, reliability assurance, problem solving, obsolescence management, technology logistics support, dedicated reliability assurance for specific circuits.
Complete, permanent and modular assistance can be provided throughout a product life cycle (Marketing, R&D, Industrialisation, Production, OCM – Operational Condition Maintenance / Product Support).


SERMA TECHNOLOGIES provides training sessions (standard programs or customised sessions upon request) on the following topics: active and passive component technologies, assembly, audit, failure analysis, smart cards, reliability…