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2011 Risk analysis
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On Components from Japan

Many components you use are manufactured partially or entirely in Japan or they are manufactured with raw material coming from Japan.

This situation has huge consequences:

o Lead-time increase & allocations
o Price increases
o Manufacturing plant transfers
o Urgent search for second source
o Immediate prevention of counterfeit components

SERMA Technologies is your partner to find customised and fast solutions to reduce Supply Chain and Technological Risks and to manage the Cost-Reliability-Time to Market Ratio by offering following services:

BOM analysis
o Output: list of components affected by Japan deliveries and/or quality problems.
Second source management
o Output:
– Datasheet Comparison
– Analysis of the Schematic for the electronic system which uses affected components
– Component Test Plan Definition
– 2nd source analysis using Construction analysis and/or Electrical test / Qualification.
Manufacturer risk analysis
o Output:
– Risk analysis on Japanese plants: process change and audits
– Risk analysis on 2nd source plants and process.
Counterfeit detection (acc. to AS5553)
o Output:
– Level 1: First level inspection in 48 h
– Level 2: Level 1 + …
– Level 3: Level 2 + …

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