08 Nov
Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2011
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Serma Technologies & Yole Développement

Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2011:

Technology & supply chain challenges for fablesssemiconductor companies

November 8 to 10, 2011
At the Crowne Plaza, Paris, France


Fabless semiconductor companies constantly face the challenge of designing competitive products which can easily be manufactured by their manufacturing partners with good yields. Comprehensive access for their design, test and quality engineers to the design rules and guidelines is key to implement the required design for manufacturability (DfM) practices.

This becomes even more critical with the ever widening array of IC packaging technologies and solutions: how to make the right package platform choice for a given product? What is the most optimized trade-off between electrical and thermal performance, power consumption, reliability, size, manufacturability and cost of the packaged integrated circuit? How to find the right manufacturing partners for the chosen technology to minimize risks and costs? Should the technology choices influence the choice of the manufacturing partners, or should it be the other way round? How to access the latest 3D and wafer level packaging technologies with controlled risks and without cost penalties? How can fabless companies also influence the evolution and road mapping of the semiconductor packaging and test industry?

These are the hot questions Serma Technologies and Yole Développement propose to debate through a dedicated event jointly organized in Paris on November 8 to 10, 2011 with invited presentations by worldwide industrial players of both large global companies and SMEs.


For more information, please visit us on: www.ssf2011.fr